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Classes run according to ACSD schedule ~vacation and snow days apply~

Yoga for ALL kids


Yoga help develop strong, flexible, healthy bodies and minds. They increase body awareness and help kids learn to relax. Yoga cultivates imagination and builds confidence. Classes help kids learn positive social interaction and overall improves concentration and focus. Anyone can do it!

Kids Classes


....Are nothing like adult classes. They are noisy, silly and high energy most of the time! There is no correction in poses unless they will harm themselves. At this age, kids are naturally curious and engaging. Classes ebb and flow with the needs of the group.



The goal is to give kids an introduction to yoga through music, stories and play. I try to engage their minds and hearts as well as build their brains and bodies. My intention is to build a life-long love for yoga.

Lynn Kiel


I am a wife and mom to 3 kids (age 19, 17 & 13). I tried my first yoga class when my youngest was a year old and was immediately hooked. The connection of mind, body and spirit was exactly what I needed at this crazy hectic time of life... 

Fast forward a couple years and my yoga teacher and friend asked me if I wanted to take over her yoga kids class she had been teaching. I quickly agreed and found myself in a place I loved! 

It was so natural for me being in the midst of little kids and of course sharing my new-found love of yoga with little ones! I quickly expanded the classes to several locations and have been sharing yoga with kids ever since. 

I am a registered Yoga Teacher with a designated Children's Yoga Specialty through Yoga Alliance. I gather inspiration from many different sources in planning classes but mostly use my instincts as a mother. I consider myself to be very sensitive to the developing needs of children and I like to celebrate young people as individuals tuning into what each of them needs at any given time

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Feel free to contact me with any questions or inquiries, or to learn more about my class schedules. 

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